Summary of Safety Priority
The Priority Team developed a strategy map to address the various factors that impact safety within the community and make the City of Roanoke and the Roanoke Valley a desirable place to live, work, visit, and play. Building and maintaining safe neighborhoods and commercial corridors goes beyond well-trained and responsive public safety units. A variety of departments influence safety in the community, ensure the fair resolution of civil and criminal disputes, and ensure the rights and liberties of the citizens. A knowledgeable city staff that interacts with and educates its citizens, and also utilizes efficient and effective processes, promotes a safe environment with its adherence to national regulations and standards.

View the full Request For Results (PDF) document for the Safety Priority online.

Strategic Planning
The city’s appropriate use of technology together with sustainable design requirements and quality infrastructure will also help to minimize hazards. In addition, a pro-active, strategic planning approach that involves not only city government but the community at large ensures that the appropriate social safety programs are put in place. To address the priority statement, the team created a map around 4 causal factors - Prevention, Responsiveness, Communication, and Quality Standards and Laws.
Safety Priority Flow Chart