Summer Safety

It's possible to enjoy a sizzling-hot summer without getting burned! By following these quick and simple steps, we can all keep summer activities fun and fire-safe.

Keep barbecue grills far away from anything that can burn -- your home, cars, dry vegetation, etc. Stay with the grill when lit, and keep children and pets well away from the area. When barbecuing, protect yourself by wearing a heavy apron and an oven mitt that fits over your forearm. If you get burned, run cool water over the burn for 10 to 15 minutes. If you receive a serious burn, seek medical attention promptly.

Barbecue grills must never be used inside the home because, in addition to the fire hazard of indoor grilling, the grill can easily cause carbon monoxide poisoning. If lightning appears while you're grilling, seek shelter and wait for the storm to pass.

Use only a limited amount of starter fluid (never gasoline) before lighting a charcoal grill. If the fire is too slow, rekindle with dry kindling and add more charcoal if necessary. After use, soak the coals with water before you discard them and leave the grill away from the house until completely cool.

For gas grills, always store the gas cylinder outside, away from structures, and turn off the valves when not in use.

  • Pitch your flame-retardant tent well away from your campfire.
  • Only use flashlights or battery-powered lanterns inside the tent or other close space.
  • Build your campfire away from your tent, clearing away all vegetation and digging a pit surrounded by rocks.
  • Look for signs of potential fire hazards in national forests and campgrounds, and always obey park service regulations.
  • Pour water over or cover the fire with dirt before going to sleep or leaving the campsite.