Children's Safety

  1. Babies & Cars

    On a hot and humid day it can take as little as 15 minutes for a baby to become dehydrated while sitting in a parked car with no ventilation.

  2. Back to School Safety

    It’s estimated that 24 million students nationwide start their school day with a trip on the school bus. Whether they walk, ride the bus or travel by car, teach your kids these few tips to ensure they get to and from school safely.

  3. Child Passenger Safety

    Our children are the most precious cargo that we carry while in our vehicles, but sadly, 80% to 90% of all child safety seats are not installed properly.

  4. Juvenile Fire Starters - Fact or Myth (PDF)

    Read a flyer on facts and myths having to do with children starting fires.

  5. Kids & Cars

    Roanoke Fire-EMS, the Virginia Department of Health and Kids and Cars want to remind parents and caregivers on the dangers of leaving children unattended in and around vehicles.

  6. Match & Lighter Safety

    Matches, lighters and other heat sources are the leading cause of fire deaths for children.

  7. Refrigerator Safety

    Remove old refrigerators from homes and check them before disposal to insure safety.

  8. Sleep Safety for Baby

    Over 2,500 babies’ ages 1 month to 1 year die of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) each year. The SIDS rate has dropped by more than half since the Back to Sleep Campaign.

  9. SW Virginia Alliance for Safe Babies

    Roanoke Fire-EMS is pleased to be a member of the SW Virginia Alliance for Safe Babies.